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The Diamond open access GlobalCE journal publishes high quality, timely, peer-reviewed manuscripts about the intersection of technology, engineering and informatics related to health, wellness, disease management, and patient-care outcomes around the world, without publication charges. Readers can read, do
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We are delighted and proud to share with you a breakthrough surgical procedure for a shoulder subscapularis tendon repair using knotless and corkscrew technique. Dr. Tal David, M.D., a member of our high quality Editorial Board, assisted in its development and validation. The use of this new surgical innovation replaces the need to tie sutures and allow instead for knotless manipulation and anchoring. The video recording   (18) Subscapularis Repair Using the Knotless Corkscrew® Anchor - YouTube  clearly explains this engineering innovation.


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It is with great honor and appreciation from the Global CE Journal that we recognize the BMJ Quality and Safety Journal for their permission to re-post this editorial by our own Editor-in-Chief that just has been published at the BMJ Quality & Safety journal. We hope you’ll enjoy reading it and will let us know of any comment or suggestion for follow-up you may have.

Read it here: https://globalce.org/index.php/GlobalCE/article/view/116

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The Global CE Journal is delighted to share with you a new manuscript that describes modeling of IoT for overcoming challenges in healthcare system integration in West Africa on the 2nd Issue in Vol.3. Delivering on our commitment to promote knowledge exchange across the world, this manuscript can be used as a tool for supporting large scale decision making in Africa’s health systems. Read it here: https://globalce.org/index.php/GlobalCE/article/view/85

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Current Issue

Vol. 3 No. 2 (2020): Global Clinical Engineering Alliance (GCEA): Is it a magic or a miracle?

Published: 2020-12-01


International Survey of Clinical Engineering Professionals

David Yadin, Saide Calil, Nicolas Pallikarakis, Mladen Poluta, Kallirroi Stavrianou, Stefano Bergamasco, Daniel Clark, Tom Judd , James Wear , Tony Easty

Page 5-14

Modeling an Integrated Network for Remote Patient Monitoring, based on the Internet of Things for a More Preventive and Predictive Health System in West Africa

Mêtowanou Héribert AHOUANDJINOU, Daton MEDENOU, Leandro PECCHIA, Roland C. HOUESSOUVO, Thierry Rock JOSSOU

Page 19-31

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David Yadin

Page 1-2

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