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The gold open access GlobalCE journal publishes high quality, timely, peer-reviewed manuscripts about the intersection of technology, engineering and informatics related to health, wellness, disease management, and patient-care outcomes around the world, with no-fee registration.

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Global Clinical Engineering Journal Editors giving interviews to Chinese Video media channel on the occasion of posting the first issue of the Journal. The interviews were conducted in Chengdu, China during the Global CE Day event.

Please watch all the interviews here:

Dr. Yadin Davidhttps://url.cn/5jGK0VF?sf=uri

Mr. Tom Juddhttps://url.cn/5WCWOWM?sf=uri

Prof. Jerome Schultzhttps://url.cn/5fPXHoD?sf=uri

Prof. Nicolas Pallikarakishttps://url.cn/5V6hejC?sf=uri

Prof. Shankar Krishnanhttps://url.cn/5VQvcrT?sf=uri

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Vol 1 No 1 (2018): Issue 1

We are so excited that we cannot wait to leave the delivery room to share this birth with you.

Volume 1, Issue 1 of our Global CE Journal has arrived!

We extend invitation to receive your submission for future issues. 

Published: 2018-10-13

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