Flow Analyzer for Blood Pump

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MARCELO ANTUNES MARCIANO https://orcid.org/0000-0002-5226-1216
Rodrigo Rezer
Anderson Santos https://orcid.org/0000-0003-2188-4733


Hemodialysis, Quality Control, Biomedical Analyzer, Arduino


Medical equipment that supports life, relieves diseases, and overcomes disabilities can also cause damage and death due to operational failures, user failures, and misuse. Hemodialysis machines include roller pumps that control the flow of blood, and these pumps have to be calibrated accurately to ensure they are working properly.
This article describes the development of a low-cost, open source prototype that automates the flow analysis (measurement and recording) of the blood pumps in hemodialysis machines. Being able to accurately inspect the machine’s operation improves the quality and safety of its use. Through this technology (this process automation), it is believed equipment downtime and total tests cost will be reduced.
This device has a system that collects data in real time, generated by the blood pump dialysis. Mathematical calculations are used to present flow information, including the standard deviation of the measurement, which is reported at the end of the test in an objective and simple way. Through a software and human machine interface (HMI), the test can be monitored and generate a report that contains the name and model of the equipment, the quantitative results of the flows, and the standard deviations of the measurements. The device can be used by clinical engineering teams in preventive maintenance and after corrective maintenance, as a control practice, making the calibration process easier and more cost-effective.


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