Clinical Engineering/Health Technology Management 2015 Global Update

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Thomas Judd
Antonio Hernandez
William Gentles
Saide Jorge Calil


Clinical Engineering, Health Technology Management, CE, HTM, CE/HTM seminars, medical device lifecycle management, CE education, CE-Information Technology (CE-IT), medical device integration, IFMBE CE Division


Medical device systems Clinical Engineering (CE)/Health Technology Management (HTM) strategies and best practices are now well established in most first world and many developing countries (DC).
Progress is being made to address identified gaps in DC CE/HTM, such as appropriate equipment selection and lifecycle management. One contributor to this progress is the 25 years of CE/HTM Seminars provided by WHO-PAHO, ACCE, and more recently, IFMBE CED, to 80 countries. There is also a new emerging challenge; the requirement for medical device (clinical data) integration (MDI) into electronic health records (EHRs) to improve care quality and safety (aka CE-IT).
This study will review CE/HTM progress, gaps, and new challenges since the last study in 2011. It will provide a framework to direct the global CE/HTM movement forward in collaborative fashion, alongside other initiatives in 2015, such as the 1st International CE-HTM Congress and the Global CE Summit held in Hanzhou, China, in October, 2015.


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