Application of Molecular Sieve Oxygen Generation Mini-plant under Harsh Environment

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Jixun Liu
Chao Qiu
Jianxiong Zuo
Xiaomin Lou


PSA Oxygen Generation Mini-plant, Harsh Environment, Modularized Design, Process Design


Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) oxygen generation mini-plant is widely used in all various hospitals for its fast, convenient, and cost-effective features. However, considering the landscape of global markets, the PSA medical oxygen generation mini-plant design basis varies from location to location. Therefore, it forces the manufacturer to design and build the PSA oxygen generation mini-plant more flexibly to enable its compatibility in different extreme ambient conditions (temperature, humidity, pressure, cleanliness) of installation location. For the sake of these concerns, this paper employs the concept of modularity as an approach to PSA medical-grade oxygen generation mini-plant design and application and elaborates 10 key components for 4 modules of PSA medical-grade oxygen generation mini-plant, namely (a) air compressor module; (b) PSA module; (c) oxygen compressor module; (d) smart control module. Under this modularized design approach, this paper investigates the technical features and the design criticality of modular and key components in fulfilling the expected performance, finally achieving and maintaining the overall performance of PSA oxygen generation mini-plant with the selected modules which may be installed worldwide. This paper helps to highlight the variability of PSA oxygen generation mini-plants in harsh environments in four dimensions (temperature, humidity, pressure, cleanliness) and briefs the methodology of the phase gate model for modular approach in oxygen generation mini-plant. It contributes to the literature on this important subject in the modularized design method, adsorption technology, air separation process, etc.


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