Design a Mobile Application for the Maintenance of Hemodialysis Machines using Flutter Framework

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Badria Ibrahim Eisa
Mohammed Yagoub Esmail


Maintenance, Mobile application, Flutter framework, Hemodialysis Machine


The hemodialysis machine is an artificial kidney facilitating the hemodialysis process and is considered a crucial life-sustaining device. Any delays resulting from malfunctions or improper maintenance of these machines can significantly impact the duration of dialysis for patients.

In Khartoum state, numerous highly skilled biomedical engineers are employed at dialysis centers, each with varying experience levels. However, the current training workshops provided to them are inadequate in ensuring proper maintenance of the machines. Many engineers struggle to address daily malfunctions and face challenges when referring to service manuals.

The recent proliferation of mobile applications has proven beneficial in several fields, particularly healthcare. This project will utilize a specific framework to develop a mobile application tailored to maintain hemodialysis machines. The app is designed to assist biomedical engineers in their daily tasks, particularly those in junior positions. By leveraging Flutter frameworks and the Dart language, a hybrid language capable of unifying code across Android, desktop, and iOS platforms, the “HDservice App” was created. This application offers detailed information on four common models of machine malfunctions in Sudan, along with corresponding solutions. Biomedical engineers have successfully integrated the app into their mobile devices, utilizing it for maintenance tasks. Subsequently, they conducted an evaluation comparing the app’s effectiveness to that of traditional service manuals, yielding the desired outcome.


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