Building a Reliable Wireless Medical Device Network

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David Hoglund
Vince Varga


wireless, WLAN, network, acute care, patient monitoring, IEEE802.11, WMTS, telemetry


How to design and test the most effective and secure wireless medical device connectivity applications that will provide the true mobility experience that is needed in the 2018 healthcare marketplace. Today’s medical devices will need to be connected to provide the data to the electronic medical record. This connectivity will be either real time or on a non real time basis. In either case; the majority of this data transfer will move toward a wireless medium from a legacy wired connection. The following will discuss best practices for wireless network design based upon application requirements; but also the protection of any data regarding cybersecurity requirements. The author has over three decades of medical device knowledge sense but also two decades of wireless and security integration knowledge sense. The take away is to understand the best practices and how to apply this to product design and the overall enterprise implementation into the healthcare ecosystem of connected devices.


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